Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Top 5 Reasons I'm Voting for Obama

Top 5 Reasons for Obama

1. Economy
“I don't believe that climate change is just an issue that's convenient to bring up during a campaign. I believe it's one of the greatest moral challenges of our generation”
-Reduce Carbon Emissions by 80%
-Invest in a clean energy future
-Reduce oil consumption by 35%

2. Iraq
“So when I am Commander-in-Chief, I will set a new goal on day one: I will end this war.”
-Remove the troops in 1 to 2 combat brigades per month. With this plan all troops would be removed in 16 months.

3. Poverty
“I fought for jobs for the jobless and hope for the hopeless, I fought for justice and equality as a civil rights lawyer…”
-Help Americans get jobs and climb the job ladder.
-Raise the minimum wage
-Provide tax relief to low and middle class workers.

4. Education
“I don't want to send another generation of American children to failing schools.”
-Reform the No Child Left Behind Law
-Fix the drop out crisis
-Give $4,000 per year to each college student to make it more affordable
-Reward teachers, higher salaries
-Expand after school and summer learning opportunities

5. Health Care
“My plan begins by covering every American…If you are one of the 45 million Americans who don't have health insurance, you will have it after this plan becomes law. No one will be turned away because of a preexisting condition or illness.”
-National health care plan that is affordable for everyone
-Support Americans with disabilities
-Fight the AIDS epidemic world wide
-Advance the biomedical research field – find cures for different diseases

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