Sunday, April 29, 2007

Annotation # 7

Gay Adoption Backlash Growing: More States Move to Bar Same-Sex Couples from Adoption, Foster Care

Homosexuals have become more outspoken about their desire to adopt and be foster parents. However because of this, the opposition to that across the nation is growing steam and becoming more apparent. Bills have been sent to Texas and Indiana to ban gay and lesbian adoptions. A bill just like that is expected to be proposed in Michigan. Arkansas and Utah became the first states to have regulations put down against gay and lesbian adoption or foster parenting. Congress is also expected to propose a bill that will ban gay and lesbian adoption in Washington D.C. Gay activists however are fighting back. In New Hampshire the legislature will have a hearing an a bill to repeal the state's 1987 lay that bans gay and lesbians from adopting. The American Civil Liberties Union is preparing lawsuit to challenge the Florida ban on gay and lesbian adoption. This will be the fourth atempt to repeal Florida's 1977 law. In the late 1980's many gay couple have been using sperm donors and surrogate mothers instead of going through the adoption process. Gay and lesbians have also gained greater acceptance from the professionals that deal with adoption and foster care.

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