Sunday, April 29, 2007

Annotation # 6

Cusick, Tom and Kranz, Rachel. "Gay Rights." 2000. Pg 82-84

There is widespread sterotype that gays and lesbians should not come into contact with children. Because of this the idea of gay adoption and gay foster parenting has trouble winning worldwide acceptence. Only a few states ban gay adoption outright. These states are Florida, Arkansas, Utah, and Mississippi. In the rest of the states, that gay adoption is legal in the process is far from easy. About half of all U.S states allow indviduals in gay or unmarried relationships to adopt children. There are 8 million - 13 million children being raised by gay and lesbian parents worldwide, but most of these children are never adopted. In 1997 New Jersey became the first state to allow both gay and heterosexual unmarried couples to adopt children. This decision was a victory for many gay families fighting for equal rights.

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