Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation # 4

Lesbian and Gay Adoption Rights

Many gays and lesbians are choosing to become parents. Only four states, Vermont, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and California allow same sex couple adoption. Florida is the only state that currently has a ban against gay adoption. There are many reasons why gay and lesbian adoption should be allowed. The U.S has so many children that need to be adopted. Some of those children are hard to place because they are older or because of special needs. So if gays and lesbians want to adopt them, it is unfair to deny them a loving home. Another reason is that most children in the U.S don't even live with two married parents. So they can grow up in a one or a two-parent household of a gay and/or lesbian and fare just as emotionally and socially well off as children whose parents are heterosexual. Also studies have shown that children are more influenced by the interaction with their parents then their parents' sexual orientation.

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