Sunday, February 11, 2007

Day 5 - Friday, February 9, 2007

Role: Moderate

The problem in today's world is that the climate is changing very rapidly. The climate is warming up. This is a process known as Global Warming.
There is much evidence to support the fact that Global Warming is occuring. The overall trend in the world is that winters are becoming warmer. There is also the evidence that Greenland's massive ice sheet is shrinking and that the glaciers in Antarctica are thinning. Ocean temperatures are also rising. This is causing 50 percent more tropical storms than in 1970. Also the rise in ocean temps are causing the oceans to expand and sea level to rise. The last piece of evidence that shows that Global Warming is in fact occuring is that there is a hole in out planets ozone layer over Antarctica.
Global Warming is caused by people. People are omitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil, and natural gas. People are also causing Global Warming by cutting down forests. The other factor that causes Global Warming is carbon dioxide inside out atmosphere.
People have caused Global Warming but we are also able to help fix. There are many solutions to stop it. First, people at home need to heat and cool smartly. People at home also need to reduce, reuse, and recylce. In businesses people need to improve energy efficiency and buy renewable energy. All people, to help save our planet should also use public transportation as much as possible, save electricity, and plant trees.


Charlie said...

Nice job on the problem, solution, and the evidence. I think you should try to find more examples and references of global warming. For example global warming is suppose to be one of the factors that led to Hurricane Katrina.

Charlie A Hr:3

Sednecker said...

Very nice, but i think you could use a bit more evidence. You also might want to explain why the greenhouse gases humans are emitting are causing a problem.

Good start,

Dan S hr.3

Mr. Hatten said...

Nice picture Kristin and Charlie!

Mr. Hatten said...

The fact that you don't like O Brother Where Art Thou means you now have a C or maybe a C-. Horrible taste if you don't like or love that movie.
-- Mr. Hatten