Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Day 3 - Wedesday, Feburary 7th, 2007

State The Problem:
Too many kids are showing up to classes tardy.

Give Evidence:
Mr. Hatten has a long list of people with 3 tardies up on the white board. Other teachers also have similar lists. Also, I see students come to class late in my other classes.

Examine Contributing Factors:
The hallways are always way to crowded. Also, the bathrooms are usually busy and maybe a student needed to use the restroom very bad. Teachers might also hold students after class to talk to them and not write them a pass. Jammed lockers are another contributing factor.

Propose A Solution:
Extend passing time to 8 minutes like it was last year. Or have harsher punishments for 4 tardies so students are tardy less.


kirsten said...

i think your posts are really good. keep up the good work. lol i'll see you in class tomorrow!

-kirsten g. Hr. 3

Charlie said...

Kristin I think your blog is really good. I like your choice of the school problem. You give very good contributing factors but you could give stronger evidence.

Charlie said...

Sorry I forgot.

Charlie A. Hr:3

marchetticheezers32 said...

hey you!!!
god i haven't seen you since...lunch!! so what's happened since then? neways, about your's cool. i loved your tartan problem and think it's totally true! i'm ALWAYS late to biology 1st hour, but that's cuz i don't wanna go! seriously, i musta been late about 10 times and i still don't have a detention!! shluckabier (i think that's how you spell it!) is way too easy and i think she likes me (as a student). honest to god, i'm always sleeping in her class so one day she comes up to me and asks why i'm always sleeping in her class. i was soooo tempted to say "cuz you're sooooooo boring" but i didn't, i shoulda though, that would have been funny!! well gotta go comment other people, how fun. ttyl

PS great problem-solution thing, A+++++++++++++ now you gots a 5.0!!!

libby m hr 5